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April 26, 2017- Tuscola, IL- The 2017 Warrior Boys Track & Field team. Back row from left are Hunter Kauffman, Joey Lopez, Joe Downs, Dalton Donnals, Trent Ponder, Andy Salmon, Raymond Kerkhoff, Will Bosch, Josiah Lemay, Adam Bratten, Anthony Guo, and Chase Robinson. Third row from left are Josh Dyer, John Hill, Turner Hastings, Gage Russell, Robert Steepleton, Noah Woods, Hunter Woodard, Dakota Denny, Ben Dixon, and Jacob Kibler. Second row from left are Michael Holmes, Eric Brewer, C.J. Picazo, Bradley Kramer, Cade Morgan, Andrew Poskin, Bradly Mast, Nicholas Woods, Colin Lewis, Nick Williams, and Gibson Wells. Front row from left are Marcus Holmes, Caden Cradle, Matthew Cantu, Cameron Homann, J.D. Barrett, Tanner Campbell, Jordan Middleton, Jake Reed, Brandon Douglas, Ashton Jones, Colter Lewis, and Mason Day. [Photo: Douglas Cottle]