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August 25, 2013- Tuscola, IL- The 2013 Tuscola JFL B-Team. Front row from left are Hans Goodman, Preston Brown, Cory Smith, Jayden Gaines, Caden Baer, Colton Gunther, Douglas Ruggles, and George Rahn. Second row from left are Kyler Skaggs, Colby Wilson, Zach Sutherlin, Landon Banta, Kaleb Miller, Jalen Southard, and Andrew Penne. Third row from left are Dylan Homman, Creed Yets, Chase Jones, Patrick Pierce, Blake Cruzan, Jalen Quinn, James Parsley, and Tytus Rennert. Fourth row from left are A.J. Laubscher, Mark Boyd, James Boyd, Michael Jones, Gavin Weber, Dylan Price, and Mason Holmes. Top row from left are Kevin Quinn, Jordan Quinn, John Boyd, Lonnie Homman, Trace Quinn, and Pat Pierce. [Photo: Douglas Cottle]