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August 25, 2013- Tuscola, IL- The 2013 Tuscola JFL Lightweights. Front row from left are Caden Cradle, Ashton Jones, Jonah Pierce, David Culp, Nathan Koester, Eric Brewer, Jacob Kibler, Logan Tabeling, and Donovan Chester. Second row from left are Justin Rahn, Jake Dyer, Grant Hale, Lucas Kresin, Ben Tiezzi, Mattison Alholwani, Brandon Douglas, Grant Hardwick, Josh Dyer. Third row from left are Max Wyninger, Sergio Martinez, James Weber, Coulson Poffenberger, Ryan Bartley, Cole Cunningham, Cameron Homann, and Tyler Garrett. Top row from left are Josh Brookins, Cole Stanfield, James Knight, and Deon Chester. [Photo: Douglas Cottle]